Cleaning and maintenance of insulating glass

Issuing time:2019-05-28 13:40

Insulating glasswas invented by Americans in 1865. It is a new type of building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beauty and application, and can reduce the weight of buildings. The use of insulating glass can improve the safety performance of the glass, in the use of the same thickness of the original glass, insulating glass wind compressive strength is 1.5 times the ordinary single glass. But insulating glass cleaning and maintenance knowledge, how much do you know?

The basic production process of insulating glass consists of cleaning glass, filling molecular sieve, coating butyl sealant, laminating and coating the secondsealant. Secondary sealants shall take into account the performance of the edgeseal, the protection provided by the entire glass system, and the environment in which the secondary sealant is exposed during application. Each link is related to material selection, operator proficiency and processing quality.

1. Glass cleaning

The first step is to clean the insulating glass, which is also an important step to ensure the sealing of insulating glass. Oil stains and sweat on the glass did not thoroughly clean, it greatly weakened the adhesive force of sealant on the glass, thus reducing the sealing effect of insulating glass. Particular attention should be paid to the conditions considered in the selection of desiccants, sealants and spacers, provided that the glass is cleaned. The sealing of insulating glass is based on the cleaning of the glass to a great extent. So users need to strengthen the importance of glass cleaning.

2. The choice of desiccant

There are three functions of desiccant: adsorption sealed in the air of water, adsorption of volatile organic solvents and adsorption in the life of insulating glass into the air layer of water vapor. The objective is to keep the insulating glass with qualified initial dew point. Therefore, the condition of selecting proper desiccant must meet the three functions of desiccant at the same time. If desiccant adsorption ability is poor, cannot effectively through diffusion into the air layer of moisture adsorption, can cause the build up of moisture in the air layer, water pressure increase, the hollow glass of dew point rise, so the possibility of atomization is great, and choosing a desiccant must comprehensively consider the properties of their respective, desiccant selection and selection is directly related to the hollow glass glue type, must be combined with consideration.

If the edge of the hollow glass sealing failure, meaning that the window losing its function,the design of the window not only short of energy saving, and consumers can't see through the air layer of fogging, outside influence the degree of perspective, and reduce the heat insulation effect, long can make the inner surface of glass fogging mildew or analysis, produce white spot, seriously affect the appearance of the insulating glass. Therefore, it is the first and key to choose high quality insulating glass sealant to prevent insulating glass atomization. And double hollow glass of the first and second sealant, should be suitable, not soluble or reaction, otherwise, leading to glass surface pollution, even aging.

3. Double channel insulating glass coating - composite - coating glue

The composite is the middle part of the double-channel insulating glass, and the coating of butyl glue before the composite determines the comprehensive quality of the insulating glass. , therefore, should strictly control the production process,to eliminate leakage, glue phenomenon, the negligence of the sealing and never allow the existence of air leakage hidden trouble, the sealed first off, after close of the second sealing glue, reasonable proportion as stipulated in the manufacturer to make the two components mix, glue correctly, to avoid owe glue and glue phenomenon, two-channel hollow glass production at the end of theprocedure is accomplished. If there is gap between two sealant, will cause leakage, at the same time should pay attention to the second sealing glue daub is too thin, the installation use after a period of time, from the change of ambient temperature, sunlight and wind pressure effect, sealant can form crack(even tiny crack exists), moisture may slowly into the rubber, form theatomization, losing its sealing, sealing function loss.

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