Why can insulating glass have mist?

Issuing time:2019-03-27 10:48

The basic production process of insulatingglass is composed of glass cleaning, filling molecular sieve, coating of butylsealant, laminating and coating the second sealant. Each link is related to materialselection, operator proficiency and processing quality.

1.      Glass cleaning

Cleaning glass is the first step in theproduction of insulating glass and one of the most important steps to ensurethe sealing property of insulating glass. If the grease and sweat on the glasscannot be thoroughly cleaned, the adhesive force of sealant on the glass willbe greatly weakened, thus reducing the sealing effect of insulating glass. Nowin the production, a lot of manufacturers, especially small manufacturers,often on the importance of cleaning glass is not enough, resulting in a largenumber of unqualified products into the market.

2.      Desiccant selection

The desiccant properties must be taken intoaccount when selecting desiccant. The choice of desiccant is directly relatedto the type of insulating glass adhesive selected and must be consideredtogether. The brim of hollow glass is sealed failure, mean door window losesdue function, not only the energy-saving performance of door window falls shortof a requirement, and consumer cannot see clearly outside through the air layerof mist, affect the diapacivity of hollow glass, reduce adiabatic effect.Fogging for a long time will cause mildew or alkali accumulation on the innersurface of the glass and produce white spots, which will seriously affect theappearance quality of insulating glass. So, choose high quality insulatingglass sealant is the key to prevent the hollow glass fogging, selection ofinsulating glass sealant should comply with the national or industrialstandards, and double insulating glass sealant, the first and second courseshould be appropriate, cannot miscibility or react, otherwise may cause theglass surface contamination, and aging.

3.      Double layer insulating glasscoating

The composite is the middle link of thedouble layer insulating glass. The comprehensive quality of insulating glass isdetermined by the coating of butyl adhesive before the lamination. If there isa gap between two sealants, it will cause air leakage. At the same time shouldpay attention to the application of thin second sealant. After installationUSES period of time, suffer the action of environmental temperature change,insolation and wind pressure, sealant can form crack, although be extremelytiny crack, water vapor enters adhesive layer slowly likely inside, form mist,make sealant loses sealing effect.

Except some regular hollow glass foggingphenomena by product quality problems, some consumers one-sided pursuit oflow-cost products, blood, also made some small retailers, they useddouble-sided adhesive will direct adhesion, two pieces of glass and coated withordinary cheap glass glue, pretend to be hollow glass, the glass not only nonoise insulation effect, in the wet weather can produce fogging phenomena. Oncethe insulating glass fog phenomenon, the basic can’t be repaired, can only bereplaced.

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