2019 Dubai International Doors and Windows Exhibition

Issuing time:2019-09-20 15:35

   The five major industry exhibitions in Dubai doors and windows will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from September 24th to 26th,2019.The Dubai International Door and Window Exhibition is a professional door and window exhibitionn,attracting more than 7000 vistors from 15 countries in terms of buyers.Almost all of the audience are related to the door and window industry.Over the past 35years,the Big5 series has enabled more than 100000 global suppliers and buyers to esblish business relationships,providing a unique for updating globally advanced knowledge.

   As more and more multinational companies enter the United Arab Emiraates,the number of commerical office building and hotel is increasing,and the demand for aluminum,plastic steel,and other building material is growing.The high per capital annual income,strong purchasing power and the growing maturity of the Gulf market have led to a growing demand for housing for local residents.According to the survey,about 60% of the population in the Gulf is under 25 years old,indicating that they need about several million housing units in the next 10 years;in Saudi Arabia, the annual housing demand is 158000.Due to the rapid development of tourism in the UAE,the entire infrastructure is in a period of comprehensive construction,which has driven the rapid development of the construction industry in the UAE.Currently,about $10 billion in leisure projects are under construction.In Dubai,the number of hptels has increased from 233 in 1996 to 265 in 2000.In the next 5-7 years,it is expected to increased 150 hotels and the number of rooms will increase to 55000.

   According to statistics from relevant departments,the spending of the six cpuntries in the construction industry in the past few years will exceed 200 billion US dollars;in the United Arab Emirates alone,the real estate innvestment in the next 7 years will exceed 63 billion US dollars.The growth of the population and wealth of the Gulf countries and the continued warming of the tourism industry have all contributed to the prosperity of the building.The infrastructure construction of many countries such as Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Qatar and other countries has greatly stimulated the demand for door and window products.

   Liaoning Alger Industrial Co.,Ltd participated in the event and exhibited at E230.Liaoning Alger Industrial Co.,Ltd will display sealing materials,sealants,accessories,door and window handles,and provide a varity of quality products and after-sales service to meet various customer requirements.


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